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Mee Kim, President and owner of CEO SUITE Group, told Chris Hanrahan how renting a serviced office can help a company move smoothly into Jakarta and hit the ground running from day one.

Advanced technologies have brought about many changes, one of which is our daily work. Now, people can work from home instead of having to check into their offices daily. As a professional businessman, the alternative option may now be a virtual office; as opposed to the traditional way of doing business – having to rent a big space, hiring more staff than you can keep track of. This trend leads to major cost-savings in terms of heavy renovation expenses, and the better news is – you will no longer need to spend hours on the road stuck in heavy traffic.

The notion of a “Virtual Office” was conceptualised nearly 10 years ago – it brings with it every convenience in conducting business – with no limitation in space or time. Sales promotions, business correspondences and relevant negotiations can all be completed via a “Virtual Office”. Businesses can now be run successfully home-based, even with just an internet connection. Its influence from the more advanced countries in the West, though slow, has been progressive. In essence, there is little difference between a “Virtual Office” and a “SOHO”.

Although both concepts offer benefits to save time, energy, and operational expenses, there remains a faithful group of supporters who prefer the prestige and social position associated with having a physical space : a real entrepreneur or businessman is supposed to have a fixed office to go to, and to conduct meetings from. Thus the Instant Office.

CEO JSX, CEO SUITE in the Jakarta Stock Exchange Building and CEO GKBI, in Wisma GKBI are products of such requirements for prestige, and social position. Both locations provide prestigious business addresses, and instant offices in the heart of the Central Business District of Jakarta. Its instant offices are equipped with the most advanced information technology infrastructure that gives companies the leading edge in today’s modern office : local area network, ISDN, broadband internet, individual e-mail addresses, executive secretarial services, in-house IT specialists, tele-conferencing and video-conferencing facilities.

Such Instant Offices are perfect for companies with low initial start-up capital, as rental or services can be paid for by the hour, or on monthly or yearly basis. Entitlements include everything affixed with a prestigious business address.

CEO SUITE has 6 centers in the Asian region in Jakarta (Jakarta Stock Exchange center and GBKI center), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing. Their client list includes well-known clients such as DELL, ABN AMRO, BMC, CALTEX, EXXON MOBIL, KPMG and MITSUBISHI etc.

Apr 26, 2013

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