CEO SUITE was established in January 1997, one of the first pioneers in introducing client-related services into Asia. Today it has expanded its business-centers network to 7 cities in Asia, including Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, and Bangkok, serving over 1,500 clients including renowned multinationals such as ANZ Banking, Barclays, Dell, Mitsubishi, etc.

Ms. Mee Kim, President of CEO SUITE, had experienced many challenges and difficulties in her journey to embark on such a business as the concept back then was relatively new in Asia. In Australia, where such client-oriented serviced offices were more popular, Mee Kim dedicated a few years to obtain practical management experience, which has then served to lay a solid foundation in the establishment of the first CEO SUITE in Jakarta. Back then, its first client was a Norwegian company and this has offered great encouragement to the company in its first leaps forward. The CEO SUITE network gradually expanded. Even amidst turmoil-filled moments during the 1997 financial crisis in Asia, Mee Kim had held strongly on to her beliefs that this would be a lucrative business. She believed that the companies which were affected by the crisis would not quit the market, although they suffered substantially. The Virtual Office option was then introduced as an alternative solution during the crisis, and the option proved popular, effective and successful with many companies who suffered financial losses.

China has always been viewed as a huge potential market for CEO SUITE. In 2003, a year after many market surveys and preparatory work, CEO SUITE launched its first center in China at Hong Kong New World Tower, Shanghai. Providing almost no risk for the clients, CEO SUITE was successful in obtaining and maintaining a big market share in China. Despite the huge operational costs in Shanghai in comparison with other major cities, the success of Shanghai brought about the possibility of the launch of a brand new CEO SUITE in Beijing. The Twin Towers posed as an ideal location in every way, situated right in the centre of Beijing’s Central Business District, the Jianwai SOHO Business Zone. The location since then has attracted a substantial number of clients including Davis Polk & Wardwell, Bartlett and Simpson, Steelcase, VeriSign, Plantronics, etc.

Married to a Chinese, Mee Kim has a special keen interest in China. She is particularly compassionate towards the social and cultural status of China. Her most recent trip to Beijing saw her exploring business opportunities related to the Beijing Olympics 2008.

The CEO Beijing team has won tons of accolades from Mee Kim as she recognizes their abilities, and the team’s willingness to always meet higher standards. She looks forward to expand CEO SUITE to other Chinese cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen with Hong Kong and Taiwan also in the business pipeline.

The service quality offered by CEO SUITE is the essence of its success. The bomb explosion at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta in 2004, 09 September confirmed the fact that CEO SUITE was effective and efficient. Just several hours after the explosion, Mee Kim got the team together and overnight, CEO SUITE got offices ready to accommodate companies that were affected and suffered losses in the explosion. These companies sought assistance from CEO SUITE in crucial, painful moments which also reflected their trust and faith in the company.

In CEO SUITE, the receptionists are multi-lingual, and are also multi-talented doubling up roles as secretaries and executive assistants. They have been observed to be professional and experienced in their respective roles.

Going forward, CEO SUITE will be opening a second centre in Kuala Lumpur, and expanding into Korea. In this competitive business, Mee Kim believes that CEO SUITE has its own core advantages and competitive edges to maintain its success.

Apr 26, 2013

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