Building corporate image

Image-building is not reserved only for the individuals. Corporations need image and branding too. In the long run, product quality, pricing, service, advertisement, public image and corporate culture represent total corporate image, which in turn, affect total corporate sales.

Good corporate branding should be the aim of most modern management. Not only does it attract quality external talents, it strengthens loyalty and productivity of the current team. The building of a strong corporate image via branding will also ensure good market share, and effective distancing from market competitors.

One aspect of branding lies in the overall design of the office, which represents, reflects and emphasizes individuality and culture of the corporate entity. From the company’s logo, corporate color, and the overall color theme and selection; every detail presents contents like an individual handing over the first ‘name card’ to his business partners. First impression matters.

Serviced offices such as CEO SUITE assist local and foreign companies with intentions to start offices, or representative branches in Kuala Lumpur. For foreign entities without specific country knowledge or resources, overseas ventures can be daunting. With tasteful designs, complete office facilities, furniture and equipment, CEO is an ideal place to start office for 1 to 20 persons. Located on the 36th Floor in Menara Maxis in Kuala Lumpur, and measuring 13,000 sq ft, the attractions lie in its very corporate representation, and accessibility right within the city center.

Spacious reception area, professionally-trained receptionists, high-speed-high-capacity internet and telecommunication facilities, boardroom with grand-city view, CEO SUITE sets Maxis on par with the world-glamorous Twin Towers.

Apr 26, 2013

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