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The Asian business is hot. A key base is what is must for Western companies expanding to the Asian market, or the ever-itinerant businessmen. Finding a suitable office space and furnishing it in an alien land, however, can be by no means risk-free. And here comes the instant office provider CEO SUITE to help you with. Successfully operating 5 centers in 4 major cities in Asia, CEO SUITE is now set to open its Beijing office in coming November.

High-end, state-of-the-art business center

Here comes the landmark LG Twin Towers, a conspicuous smart building well known for its pleasant ambience and high-performing functions. The steel-and-glass building will be directly linked to the YongAnLi station through the underground shopping mall, making it even more attractive in terms of accessibility. CEO SUITE sits on the 10th floor, East tower of these prestigious towers. Like other CEO SUITE centers in other countries, its premium location is self-evident. This is its 2nd center following Shanghai center in China.
According to the General Manager Ong, MeMe, the latest CEO SUITE center in Beijing is the culmination of its experiences accumulated until now. Indeed a proud statement it is. In short, the CEO SUITE center in Beijing is an up-to-date business center ready to accommodate the various needs of its clients.

There is no need to carry anything but your bag.
The whole floor is partitioned into 50-odd flexible offices, ranging from 10? office for 1 person to spacious offices that can accommodate 15 persons and more. Adjacent offices can also be linked together at the clients’ requests.
Provided for each office are essential items such as pieces of office furniture including chairs and desks, telephone line, and broadband cable. Which means to say, you can simply bring your personal computer and start up work immediately.
Another noteworthy facility is the teleconference room, through which you can conveniently hold a long-distance conference with your overseas head office. A great savings of your time and expense without having to purchase your own teleconferencing system.
CEO SUITE is also well stocked with latest multi-media equipment such as laser-color printer, scanner, digital DTP, video player, OHP, LCD projector, etc. available to the clients.

Your answer to any demand?
CEO SUITE is not a mere office provider. As is with their company motto, “Different people, different needs”, CEO SUITE is ready to offer wide range of services including secretarial service, recruitment service, interpretation service, and many others. You name it. This advanced range of services is what makes CEO SUITE more conspicuous than other business centers.

Growing networks : the main attraction for the businessperson
The demand for the use of business centers is gradually on the rise. You can use it either as a temporary office before your own overseas office is ready, or you can rent it as a subsidiary office on project basis. It is also possible to rent any office space on hourly basis. The elegant boardroom of CEO SUITE can be rented for as short a period as a few hours. Another benefit of CEO’s clients is their entitlement to use other CEO centers free of charge (other service charges excluded) until their lease agreement expires.
The Beijing Center is the latest center of CEO SUITE so far. And somewhere in their pipeline will be a center in Seoul. The growing numbers of its centers will surely serve as conveniences to all its clients. And more centers in China may just be around the corner.

Apr 26, 2013

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