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Ways to Cut Cost for Start-up / Small Businesses

It is every business’ focus to bring in more business and increase their profits. For small business owners, and startups, it is understandable that their focus is mainly on the latter. One common way in boosting profits, which business owners usually forget, is through cutting on cost and expenses. Business owners tend to focus all…

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Growing Your Business in Asia with CEO SUITE Offices

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS IN ASIA WITH CEO SUITE OFFICES on September 24, 2015 published an article on “Why You Should Expand Your Business in Asia Today” and sites these four major reasons why you should expand your business Asia: 1. A rapidly developing environment 2. An untapped market of enormous population 3. A malleable…

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Video Conferencing Facilities in Manila

Today, companies find it quite easier to get a hand to expanding their business regardless if it’s nationally, regionally, globally. It is evident and noticeable that even the small scale online businesses are slowly crawling and extending their products and services even to far parts of the world. Growth like this of businesses across the…

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Simple Hacks for Work Stress Management

Most of our lives, we spend time working in the office, regardless if we work in a traditional office, or a serviced office. In fact, 80% and less, and in some worse cases, more is the ridiculous percentage of what comprises our daily lives. We spend the whole day at work, spend 1-2 hours for…

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Guide to Setting Up New Office branch or Expansion Office in Kuala Lumpur

Expansion and branching out is a great sign for your business in Kuala Lumpur. One good option to consider if you are thinking about expanding and opening a new branch office is complete serviced office available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One major reason to have serviced offices in Kuala Lumpur as your option is the…

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The Alternative Workplace: Changing People’s Working Places and Working Conditions

People’s workplace as rampantly evident and noticed today, is undergoing a major sociological swift- brought about and influenced by the world’s population in technologies, many people’s preference nowadays have a high bar of standards. Businessmen, employees, company owners now aspire better control over their decisions, their companies’ cost-reduce necessities, and most especially, their time. Today,…

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How Shanghai Free Trade Zone Empowers Businesses

In a nutshell Launched in 2013, and located in the district of Pudong, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone merges with the existing free trade zones in Waigaoqiao, Yang Shan, and the Pudong International Airport, providing many advantages to both local and multinational businesses who wish to set up a branch office or their headquarters in…

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CEO SUITE Launches New Location

August 26, 2015 – CEO SUITE launched its 16th center located at the prestigious Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). The prime office building is located in Pudong District, Shanghai’s top financial hub. CEO SUITE established its base at the 28th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center, and offers its usual array of business services…

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