International business

Fitch Ratings Marks Outlook for the Philippines as “Positive”

After a long time, the Philippines has received a “Positive” mark from from Fitch Ratings, something that the country has been counting on for years. Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima noted that while a Positive rating may seem abstract to many Filipinos, the benefits definitely concrete. For instance, businesses will be able to borrow money more…

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New Centre Launch: Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai World Financial Center

May 30, 2015 — CEO SUITE has just announced a new serviced office location in Shanghai, debuting in early July 2015. This premiere Business Centre, located in the Pudong District of Shanghai (China’s most rapidly developing city) will be CEO SUITE’s largest showcase centre. Offering prestigious office space, serviced offices, and comprehensive business services, this centre is poised…

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Serviced Offices in Dubai Now Available with CEO SUITE’s New Partnership with myOffice Business Centre

May 15, 2015 – CEO SUITE has just established a partnership with a serviced office provider in the Middle East, myOffice Business Centre. This allows CEO SUITE clients to access premiere serviced offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Located in the central business districts of Dubai, these prestigious offices offer companies of all sizes the benefit of…

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Determining Your Company’s Hiring Needs

Do you have managers all over the company clamoring for approval on new hires? Then your company must be growing rapidly. Congratulations on your success! Growing quickly doesn’t come without its growing pains, however, so you may also feel unsure about where you most need to focus as far as hiring needs go. Here are some…

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How to Show Your Appreciation to Loyal Clients and Employees

Do you ever wonder what is the best way to show your appreciation to loyal clients and employees? Sometimes a pat on the back is just what’s needed, but other forms of appreciation in the workplace and in business are generally very well received. You may not make a lot of new customers by investing in…

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4 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag

If you’ve ever experienced the jet lag of traveling over multiple time zones in just a few hours, you know how crippling it can be. For those doing business on different continents, jet lag can be a huge deal, especially when your mental acuity and focus are needed while you attend business meetings, create solutions,…

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5 Hidden Work Productivity Killers

  If your company’s management team is frustrated by missed deadlines, frequent overtime hours, constant turnover, and low morale, it’s time to scan for hidden work productivity killers. It’s tempting to just point the blame on employees for missed deadlines, but that’s usually an ineffective management approach and won’t solve the problem in the long term. Missed deadlines and excessive overtime…

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New Serviced Offices in Jakarta’s CBD Now Leasing

CEO SUITE, the provider of Asia’s finest serviced offices, is pleased to announce the availability of additional office spaces in the heart of Jakarta’s Central Business District. This new location offers serviced office space (with a weekly or monthly lease), virtual offices (a prestigious business address without the costs of renting office space), and conventional…

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Dressing Appropriately for Business in Asia

When doing business in Asia, dressing appropriately for business meetings is critical to your success. Wearing the wrong attire can easily break your reputation and damage your credibility. Proper business attire is often a source of confusion in the West, and often each company will have a different attitude about dress codes. For some, “casual…

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