Survival Tips for Working and Living in Singapore

Are you thinking of moving to Singapore for work? Are you already processing the paperwork for your transfer? Or are you already there and currently still looking for a job? Whether you are in any of these situations or just getting your plans in order, the tips below will be helpful for you in surviving…

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Tasks Delegation Tips for Leaders, Bosses and Business Owners

It is totally normal that leaders tend to be unwilling, sometimes even wary to hand over or share a little portion of their authority of control to their subordinates. One possible unspoken reason is their fear – fear that by sharing a small portion of this power, his/her subordinates would stop listening and working the…

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Advantages of Branching out Internationally

There are many benefits of expanding business operations abroad. While the process of branching out internationally may take long period of time, close attention and careful planning, there are still many advantages to deciding to push through your international expansion which both small scale and large-scale businesses can reap the remunerations of international branching out.…

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5 things to consider when designing your office space

Throughout the years, Thailand has proven to be blessed with their own pool of designer talents- making their country a famous and attractive destination not only for tourist, but also for businessmen and other international designers who are hungry and thirsty for experience. When you try and check out online, there are now numerous competitive…

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Growing Your Business in Asia with CEO SUITE Offices

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS IN ASIA WITH CEO SUITE OFFICES on September 24, 2015 published an article on “Why You Should Expand Your Business in Asia Today” and sites these four major reasons why you should expand your business Asia: 1. A rapidly developing environment 2. An untapped market of enormous population 3. A malleable…

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Video Conferencing Facilities in Manila

Today, companies find it quite easier to get a hand to expanding their business regardless if it’s nationally, regionally, globally. It is evident and noticeable that even the small scale online businesses are slowly crawling and extending their products and services even to far parts of the world. Growth like this of businesses across the…

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Different Types of Bosses

What very true reality that does not get much credit is the fact that most of employees’ performance is largely influenced and due to the way their supervisors/ managers/heads treat and manage them. While it is true that leadership and management workshops help, supervisors/leaders/managers/heads all have different approaches. The differences of management styles are usually…

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The CEO SUITE Difference… It’s all about Customer Service Excellence

Customer service plays an integral part in every organization and no matter how good a product is, if customer handling is poor, any business can go down. When it comes to providing professional work space solutions and business start-up support, one can never go wrong if they work with a serviced office company that personally…

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Guide to Setting Up New Office branch or Expansion Office in Kuala Lumpur

Expansion and branching out is a great sign for your business in Kuala Lumpur. One good option to consider if you are thinking about expanding and opening a new branch office is complete serviced office available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One major reason to have serviced offices in Kuala Lumpur as your option is the…

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