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February 2015

Productivity Tips for Work-at-Home Professionals | CEO SUITE

There are benefits to working out of your home, and then there are some major disadvantages. Sure, you can roll out of bed and be in your office within 20 seconds, but sometimes not having a dedicated work space outside of the house is enough to make you crazy. Here are some productivity tips for…

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Dressing Appropriately for Business in Asia

When doing business in Asia, dressing appropriately for business meetings is critical to your success. Wearing the wrong attire can easily break your reputation and damage your credibility. Proper business attire is often a source of confusion in the West, and often each company will have a different attitude about dress codes. For some, “casual…

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Auspicious Colours to Increase Office Productivity         

If you have a favourite colour, it is probably your favourite because it evokes a positive emotion or a happy memory. We tend to surround ourselves with our preferred colours, whether those colours show up in your wardrobe, in your home, or in your office—or in all three of those places. Colour is important because…

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Building a Strong Profile on Professional Networking Sites Like LinkedIn

  Whether you own a successful business or you’re just starting your first job, a strong online profile on a career networking site like LinkedIn will help you in your career. Having a good online profile is as important as having a professional business card, a great office, or an impressive business address. Many people…

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Office Plants that Attract Joy, Love, and Prosperity

If you spend much time in your office—whether it is a home office or in a traditional workplace—you know that a pleasant atmosphere is important. Along with treasured personal possessions like family pictures or special knick-knacks, plants are a wonderful way to add personality and colour. Some plants in particular are said to attract certain…

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7 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Running a business is a lot like juggling. As an entrepreneur, you’re keeping so many things going at once that you might feel like you don’t have the time to sleep or eat. But we all know that doesn’t work well for long. When you’re tired and stressed, important things get overlooked and the balls…

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Remaining Flexible While Expanding into Asian Markets

If you are introducing your product or services into Asian markets, you will face larger hurdles than renting office space and setting up shop. Not only do the various countries in Asia have vastly different customs, preferences, and outlooks from each other, but within each of those countries, cultural influences also vary widely by region. China, for…

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3 Tips for Meeting with Business Contacts in Asia

If you are a Westerner working to expand your business into Asia, the cultural differences can seem like daunting hurdles to cross. With a little research, however, you can get through your first few business meetings without grossly offending or insulting your business contacts, especially if your business contacts are used to dealing with Westerners.…

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