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CEO News

“Tidak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang”

Tjiptono Darmadji an entrepreneur phrased “Tidak kenal maka tak sayang” while with Mee-Kim, President Director of CEO SUITE Jakarta during a dinner event with a group of reputable architects from Moo Young Architects & Engineering, South Korea, in Hotel Mulia, Jakarta recently. This event was attended by a large number of investors, property businessmen, contractor, architects and financial institutions attending the event.

Tjiptono known as the stock market reviewer said that the purpose of Kil Won An, CEO of Moo Young arrival and its board of directors is to look into penetrating the Indonesian market injecting new spirit during this global economy crisis in order to create new business opportunities.

“Not many buildings in Indonesia are designed by Korean architects on a global platform, therefore it will be a further challenge to compete with design companies from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and US who had existed in Indonesia much earlier” commented by Tjiptono.

Foreign investors are optimistic about Indonesian economic growth. Therefore sooner or later they will start entering Indonesia and not to mention there is quite a significant number of Koreans living in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

“As an architect we must have dreams, we can say Indonesia’s market will steadily grow in property business. In this case, if it becomes a reality within one to two years ahead, this should not be a problem” said Kil Won An, CEO Moo Young.

His company offers One Stop Solution service and also providing designs for private and government sector worldwide. Some of their projects include Vietnam, Danang Administration Centre, Viendong Meridien Tower – Danang, Giangvo Mixed Use Complex – Hanoi and Vantri Golf & Village – Vantri, Vietnam.

“We set foot in Vietnam three years ago and were appointed directly to handle several design work including the National Assembly House in Hanoi. With the same objective in Indonesia, we hope we are able to undertake several projects so we can establish our presence here in Jakarta at the soonest” he said.

He has a vision to become a Global Design Leader by referring to his diversified projects in China and the United States even in Middle East. There are at least 800 architects who joined the Moo Young AE not just providing architectural & design services but include Master Planning, Supervision and Engineering services and other related services.