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Pursuing the Indonesian Dream

What is a Korean woman doing, living and working in Indonesia? Ordinarily, when Korean women come to Indonesia, it is almost always as dependent spouse, whose husband may be working in one of the 1,800 Korean companies operating in Indonesia. There are currently about 60,000 Koreans in Indonesia, arguably the largest number of people in…

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KL’s Finest Serviced Offices

KL Expat Magazine, December, 2012 KL’s Finest Serviced Offices The evidence is mounting that Asia is the place to be for business for the foreseeable future, and Southeast Asia is particularly favoured in this assessment. So if you’re an expat keen to do business in one of Asia’s power centres – from Shanghai to Jakarta…

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“CEO SUITE Expanding in Region on Bullish Demand”

KUALA LUMPUR: CEO SUITE Group, which owns and operates 13 business centres in Asia, is expanding in the region, despite concerns of global economic uncertainties. Its founder and president Mee Kim is bullish on demand, citing the number of companies from the US, Europe and the Middle East moving to Asia for smaller office space.…

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“For a Balanced Life”

CEO 로서의 역할뿐 아니라 여러 강의와 세미나를 통해 글로벌CEO를 꿈꾸는 수많은 젊은이들의 멘토 역할도 서슴지 않는 김은미 대표. 무엇보다 실용적이며 스타일리시한 감각도 살릴 수 있는 옷이 필요하다는 그녀를 위해 준비한 스타일링 가이드. ‘글로벌 서비스 오피스 비즈니스센터’의 대표 브랜드로 잘 알려진CEO SUITE의 김은미 대표. CEO SUITE는 싱가포르, 자카르타, 상하이, 마닐라, 방콕 등 아시아 8개국도시 12개 지점에서…

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Mee Kim innovates serviced office business

By Kim Rahn Setting up a company in a foreign country is a tough job ― from getting an office and recruiting workers to consulting local lawyers and getting a telephone line. Such difficulties opened Mee Kim’s eyes to the potential for a one-stop business solution company, like her CEO Suite. CEO Suite is a…

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Official Business

EXPERT ADVICE Joseph Siswanto / Co-owner of CEO SUITE What are the benefits of a serviced office? For entrepreneurs, a serviced office eliminates the risks of long-term leases and the costs of renovation and equipment. Office space is provided as required on a daily, monthly or yearly basis with advanced meeting and training facilities, and…

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