Comparing Traditional Office Space to Serviced Offices

For a business owner, office space is frequently a must. You can go the traditional route and buy or sign a long-term lease agreement for empty office space, or you can try the exciting alternative of renting or leasing serviced offices in Asia, Europe, the U.S., and throughout the world. Furnishings When you buy or…

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5 Sneaky Exercises You Can Do at the Office

Sitting for long hours each day will kill you. Unfortunately, office work requires a lot of sitting, and even that trip to the gym on the way home might not be enough to undo the damage that hours of sitting in front of a computer screen can do. The good news is that a few…

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The 4 Cs of Developing a Great Training Course

Training new people in your company or business means that you must quickly and effectively outline the information that they need to have in order to get the job done. All written materials—whether in physical form or online—must follow the following four Cs of good writing in order to clearly convey what it is your…

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The Benefits of Serviced and Virtual Offices

Setting up shop has been the dream of many an entrepreneur, but with real estate prices so high along with the high cost of furnishing and maintaining such a space, your dream could get delayed. It’s hard to look professional if you are working out of a basement, garage, or apartment without space for a…

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Business Tips: The Concept of Saving Face

Understanding the concept of saving face will help you network and establish a good reputation in the business world, whether you’re a top executive at a Fortune 500 company in Hong Kong or you’ve just landed your first job on Wall Street. For Asian companies wishing to expand into the US, or for Westerners hoping…

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6 Benefits of a Virtual Office in Asia

  Would you enjoy working from home or working on the road, and receiving the benefits of a prestigious office address and low overhead business costs? A virtual office might be right for you. When you rent a virtual office, you can work from anywhere and present a professional image. You’ll have a grade-A business…

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Business Tips for Renting First Class Meeting Rooms

  Freelancers, contractors, startups, and frequent travelers all face the problem of where to meet with clients. The meeting location arrangements can determine whether you get a deal, how much you can charge your clients, and how impressive your work is. If you need to rent a meeting room in Asia, you have several options.…

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How Serviced Offices Work in Asia

  Many entrepreneurs start out working from their own apartment. They may travel frequently, have company offices outside Asia, or work with many of their clients virtually, and so in the initial stages of doing business in Asia they may be able to get by without an office space. However, it’s important to have a…

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How to Improve Productivity from Your Home Office

Working from a home office can be very liberating, allow your creativity to soar, and can make it easier to accommodate your clients’ schedules. However, if you don’t change up your environment on occasion, your productivity and creativity can suffer. We have provided some suggestions on how to improve productivity from your home office to…

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