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New Centre Launch: Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai World Financial Center

May 30, 2015 — CEO SUITE has just announced a new serviced office location in Shanghai, debuting in early July 2015. This premiere Business Centre, located in the Pudong District of Shanghai (China’s most rapidly developing city) will be CEO SUITE’s largest showcase centre. Offering prestigious office space, serviced offices, and comprehensive business services, this centre is poised…

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Perks, Accolades and More… Saying Thanks in the Workplace

  “No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody helped you.” -Althea Gibson Have you taken time lately to look around your company for the helpers who are quietly building your company? Is your company a place where employees are thanked and rewarded for above-and-beyond service or do your employees often burn out and quit? There…

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Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Are you interested in attracting top talent to your company? There are three specific strategies you can use that will help your company find the best applicants for open positions at your company. Following these tips as you advertise for jobs, recruit, interview, and hire can help your company attract and retain the most talented…

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How to Show Your Appreciation to Loyal Clients and Employees

Do you ever wonder what is the best way to show your appreciation to loyal clients and employees? Sometimes a pat on the back is just what’s needed, but other forms of appreciation in the workplace and in business are generally very well received. You may not make a lot of new customers by investing in…

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3 Tips to Organise Your Desktop and Boost Productivity

Years ago, business professionals only had one desktop to keep clean—the physical desk space upon which their typewriter, pens, paper, a mug, and a phone was kept. There was no computer desktop to keep organized, because there weren’t computers. The office was almost always located in a traditional office building. Sometimes, people worked a bit at home…

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6 Practical but Fun Tools for Your Home Office

Working from home (or while traveling) requires discipline, dedication, and the ability to tune out distractions—which is also what working from a traditional office entails, coincidentally. But if you work out of a home office, there usually isn’t someone looking over your shoulder every minute to make sure you’re getting things done. You must be…

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Business Travel Tips: Alertness Boosters in Everyday Foods & Drinks

Business Travel Tips to Keep You Sharp and Focused Business travel plays havoc with your sleeping and eating patterns—especially if you are crossing multiple time zones within a day or two. There’s nothing worse than trying to prepare an important presentation or sales pitch when you just want to curl up in a ball and…

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Office Plants that Attract Joy, Love, and Prosperity

If you spend much time in your office—whether it is a home office or in a traditional workplace—you know that a pleasant atmosphere is important. Along with treasured personal possessions like family pictures or special knick-knacks, plants are a wonderful way to add personality and colour. Some plants in particular are said to attract certain…

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