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The Alternative Workplace: Changing People’s Working Places and Working Conditions

People’s workplace as rampantly evident and noticed today, is undergoing a major sociological swift- brought about and influenced by the world’s population in technologies, many people’s preference nowadays have a high bar of standards. Businessmen, employees, company owners now aspire better control over their decisions, their companies’ cost-reduce necessities, and most especially, their time. Today,…

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Advantages of Virtual Office Space

Virtual Office space or virtual offices have now made its way to business circle’s talk of the town. This kind of office space leasing allows entrepreneurs, businessmen and new formed corporations to reduce the cost of their business’ production and at the same time use a prestigious business and location maintain, improve and boost professional…

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How Shanghai Free Trade Zone Empowers Businesses

In a nutshell Launched in 2013, and located in the district of Pudong, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone merges with the existing free trade zones in Waigaoqiao, Yang Shan, and the Pudong International Airport, providing many advantages to both local and multinational businesses who wish to set up a branch office or their headquarters in…

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The 21st Century Workplace According to Millennials

Millennials, or those who were born between 1980 and 2000, are reshaping the future workplace. From how they want to work and where, down to how they want to be managed, millennials have a clear vision of the kind of work conditions in which they will excel. And there’s a good reason employers need to…

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APEC Summit 2015: When the Giants Meet

Photo courtesy of: @APEC_CEOsummit At the recently concluded APEC Summit 2015 held in Manila Philippines from Nov 16-20, Obama acted as moderator in one of the panels with Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma and Filipina Engineering professor, inventor, and Sustainable Alternative Lighting (SALt) CEO Aisa Mijeno. SALt to modernize remote Philippine areas During the first part,…

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Changing Hiring Trends in Asia

In the last decade, Southeast Asian countries saw a growth in number of Western expats arriving with an ambitious, but short-term goal in mind. Multinational corporations offered expats a generous package that has an attractive compensation and housing options. These expats were more than willing to come and work in Asia for the experience and…

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CEO SUITE Celebrates Youth in New Center Launch

Last November 4, 2015, CEO SUITE celebrated the grand opening of their latest centre at Sahid Sudirman Center in Jakarta. Apart from the launching the new centre, CEO SUITE also invited clients such as Uber, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Amore Pacific, and Incheon Airport plus business partners to a be part of “planting the seeds…

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Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid If You’re a New Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean just owning your own business. More than that fact, you need to be able to have a solid plan, complete with clear goals. And then, naturally, you need strategies on how you will achieve the goals that you’ve set. However, not all starting entrepreneurs seem to be fully aware about…

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Microsoft Office 2016 Release

Last week, the new Microsoft has started its roll-out of the new Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 16. Compatible with the new Windows 10, the Office 16 will transform how people work. From individual software that works separately, everything in Office 16 is designed for collaboration and will be able to work seamlessly together, which…

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