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June 2016

Survival Tips for Working and Living in Singapore

Are you thinking of moving to Singapore for work? Are you already processing the paperwork for your transfer? Or are you already there and currently still looking for a job? Whether you are in any of these situations or just getting your plans in order, the tips below will be helpful for you in surviving…

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The Great Things About Putting Up A Business in Hanoi

It is no secret that the trend around the world has been all about integration. Evidently, with its speedy and solid growth, Vietnam is now being considered as one of the few countries in which development and innovation are fixated on forming a undeviating set and accomplishing great performance. The two (2) cities in Vietnam,…

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Tasks Delegation Tips for Leaders, Bosses and Business Owners

It is totally normal that leaders tend to be unwilling, sometimes even wary to hand over or share a little portion of their authority of control to their subordinates. One possible unspoken reason is their fear – fear that by sharing a small portion of this power, his/her subordinates would stop listening and working the…

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