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March 2016

Simple Hacks for Work Stress Management

Most of our lives, we spend time working in the office, regardless if we work in a traditional office, or a serviced office. In fact, 80% and less, and in some worse cases, more is the ridiculous percentage of what comprises our daily lives. We spend the whole day at work, spend 1-2 hours for…

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The CEO SUITE Difference… It’s all about Customer Service Excellence

Customer service plays an integral part in every organization and no matter how good a product is, if customer handling is poor, any business can go down. When it comes to providing professional work space solutions and business start-up support, one can never go wrong if they work with a serviced office company that personally…

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Guide to Setting Up New Office branch or Expansion Office in Kuala Lumpur

Expansion and branching out is a great sign for your business in Kuala Lumpur. One good option to consider if you are thinking about expanding and opening a new branch office is complete serviced office available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One major reason to have serviced offices in Kuala Lumpur as your option is the…

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Maximizing Your Lunch Break When In The Workplace

It is well evident enough that so many of us make use and take advantage of our lunch breaks while we are in our offices. Mainly, our lunch hour are supposedly used to recover from the workload we all had to do the morning, and gather all remaining energy to last the whole afternoon too.…

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The Alternative Workplace: Changing People’s Working Places and Working Conditions

People’s workplace as rampantly evident and noticed today, is undergoing a major sociological swift- brought about and influenced by the world’s population in technologies, many people’s preference nowadays have a high bar of standards. Businessmen, employees, company owners now aspire better control over their decisions, their companies’ cost-reduce necessities, and most especially, their time. Today,…

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Advantages of Virtual Office Space

Virtual Office space or virtual offices have now made its way to business circle’s talk of the town. This kind of office space leasing allows entrepreneurs, businessmen and new formed corporations to reduce the cost of their business’ production and at the same time use a prestigious business and location maintain, improve and boost professional…

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