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December 2015

Corporate taxation and Employers’ Mandatory Contributions in Korea

By Joseph Zoh Tax and Financial Services Expert in Korea, in partnership with CEO SUITE for clients’ tax and financial requirements. 1. Corporate Income Tax (11% / 22% / 24.2%) Rates are accumulated for up to EBT (Earnings Before Tax) of 0.2 billion Korean Won at 11%, at 22% if it is less than…

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How Shanghai Free Trade Zone Empowers Businesses

In a nutshell Launched in 2013, and located in the district of Pudong, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone merges with the existing free trade zones in Waigaoqiao, Yang Shan, and the Pudong International Airport, providing many advantages to both local and multinational businesses who wish to set up a branch office or their headquarters in…

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What’s Your Hiring Strategy?

By Reno Rafly, MS CEO & Founder, Catalyst Global Consulting | @notepad (New York, USA) – Having a bad hire is very costly to the business. Not only could it create a bad vibe to employee morale, it could also influence a poor workplace culture. According to a 2012 study on the cost…

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The 21st Century Workplace According to Millennials

Millennials, or those who were born between 1980 and 2000, are reshaping the future workplace. From how they want to work and where, down to how they want to be managed, millennials have a clear vision of the kind of work conditions in which they will excel. And there’s a good reason employers need to…

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