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September 2015

Microsoft Office 2016 Release

Last week, the new Microsoft has started its roll-out of the new Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 16. Compatible with the new Windows 10, the Office 16 will transform how people work. From individual software that works separately, everything in Office 16 is designed for collaboration and will be able to work seamlessly together, which…

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Fitch Ratings Marks Outlook for the Philippines as “Positive”

After a long time, the Philippines has received a “Positive” mark from from Fitch Ratings, something that the country has been counting on for years. Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima noted that while a Positive rating may seem abstract to many Filipinos, the benefits definitely concrete. For instance, businesses will be able to borrow money more…

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CEO SUITE Manila Holds Client Breakfast Event

Last Thursday, September 24, the CEO SUITE Manila team organized a client breakfast event, and the turnout marks another success for the team. Early on Thursday morning, the CEO SUITE boardroom was adorned with brightly-colored decors to liven up the venue even more. Both first-time and repeat attendees not only enjoyed the breakfast prepared for…

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3 Ways Virtual Offices are Transforming Small Businesses

It certainly makes sense for entrepreneurs, and small and start-up businesses to get a virtual office when it comes to financial considerations. Trading your actual office for a virtual one means that you save on so many resources and a considerable amount of money. But using virtual offices has more benefits than just saving money.…

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Top Guide to Picking the Ideal Coworking Space

Gone are the days when you need to set up shop in a coffee shop or stay at a hotel lobby to get your work done for the day. For freelancers or work-from-home professionals who still want some privacy and a conducive working environment once in a while, co-working spaces offer the convenience of a…

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3 Things that Make Virtual Meetings Challenging—and How to Solve Them

With the dawn of the latest IT infrastructure and technologies, virtual meetings are becoming more and more common than they are a few years go. These advances in technology have broken down boundaries and bridged the demand for great talent to where talent exists—which for many means recruiting talents from different parts of the world.…

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Should You Rent a Conference Room for your Next Big Meeting?

Whether you are the service provider or the client, meetings can be tough and drain a lot of your energy, especially when they last for more than an hour. Nonetheless, meetings are one of the most crucial parts in conducting a business because it’s a time when you can align your goals, discuss ongoing matters…

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