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April 2015

Determining Your Company’s Hiring Needs

Do you have managers all over the company clamoring for approval on new hires? Then your company must be growing rapidly. Congratulations on your success! Growing quickly doesn’t come without its growing pains, however, so you may also feel unsure about where you most need to focus as far as hiring needs go. Here are some…

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Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Are you interested in attracting top talent to your company? There are three specific strategies you can use that will help your company find the best applicants for open positions at your company. Following these tips as you advertise for jobs, recruit, interview, and hire can help your company attract and retain the most talented…

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How to Show Your Appreciation to Loyal Clients and Employees

Do you ever wonder what is the best way to show your appreciation to loyal clients and employees? Sometimes a pat on the back is just what’s needed, but other forms of appreciation in the workplace and in business are generally very well received. You may not make a lot of new customers by investing in…

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Coworking Offices Help You Invest in People

Many working professionals today are so mobile that they don’t need office space and conference rooms on a regular basis. This makes sense for people that work out of a home office or who travel frequently. It’s also a good idea for companies expanding into new locations, or for many startups, since the office overhead…

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Hiring tips: How to Write an Appealing Job Post

The process of hiring talented and committed employees is much simpler when you have a strong job description to start off the discussion with. But writing that an effective job description may take weeks or months if you don’t know where to start, or you’re not even sure what this new position will entail. Here are key…

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Comparing Traditional Office Space to Serviced Offices

For a business owner, office space is frequently a must. You can go the traditional route and buy or sign a long-term lease agreement for empty office space, or you can try the exciting alternative of renting or leasing serviced offices in Asia, Europe, the U.S., and throughout the world. Furnishings When you buy or…

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5 Sneaky Exercises You Can Do at the Office

Sitting for long hours each day will kill you. Unfortunately, office work requires a lot of sitting, and even that trip to the gym on the way home might not be enough to undo the damage that hours of sitting in front of a computer screen can do. The good news is that a few…

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The 4 Cs of Developing a Great Training Course

Training new people in your company or business means that you must quickly and effectively outline the information that they need to have in order to get the job done. All written materials—whether in physical form or online—must follow the following four Cs of good writing in order to clearly convey what it is your…

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